Proposal Assistance

proposal like no other

Let us take away those nerves…

With our level of creativity and unrivalled attention to detail, we can create a scene and produce an atmosphere that will make them say “I do” before you’ve even asked.

Offering a service which gives you the creativity to have dinner in any location, one that means so much to you both or just a spot you like for the scenery. We can deliver a place for you to concentrate and build up to your big moment.

Apart from dropping on one knee and saying those few words, we look after every detail for you while also getting some fantastic photos that will last forever.

With bandstands across the UK, these can be transformed to be the perfect setting for the big moment, with our vast countryside and beauty spots these lend themselves to the perfect picnic. If a movie under the stars with your secret cinema playing your favourite is something you like the idea of or even transforming a room in your own home to be the seaside, we can create your perfect proposal.

If you’re planning to pop the question to the one you love, then let us help you take away those nerves and plan a setting they will never forget.


To make your dreams come true, please contact us for more information.

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